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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I need your opinion!

  So as you all know I am in LOVE with anything vintage. When I started this blog almost 3 years ago. I was planning my wedding, and was blogging about wedding stuff (most included diy and vintage wedding items). However, time's change, people change, and life happens. With all that being said, I am wondering where I can take this blog. Would you all like to see wedding stuff? Fashion? Vintage item related to kids? To home's? Or a little of everything? I was thinking a little of everything, however, I want my reader's opinion first. I want to try and blog more, at least my goal is once a week (I say that because, I am now married, and we have 4 kids, I work, and will be starting school again this fall, after having our forth this past March). Please just leave a comment on what you would like to see on this blog. I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Thank you :)

Summer wedding

 Oh how I love to go to a summer wedding! Who doesn't right? The weather is nice and warm, and for the most part great! Flower's are in bloom, and the bird's are out. You can have your choice of an outdoor or indoor wedding! I recently went to a wedding and was in love with the centerpiece's, wish I would had these at my wedding! They have such a great vintage look to them, and they are made out of mason jars. Everyone love's mason jar! Just look on Pinterest and you will find million's of project's to do with a mason jar :) These centerpiece's are so easy to do, with wedding budget possibly reaching over ten grand. It's great to save money when you can, and do a little DIY project!

Please excuse the weird angle of this picture.

Love how they used lemon's in the water! Here is some more idea's that I found on Pinterest! Enjoy :)

I found this on Pinterest, then the link brought me to this blog! Check it out, and see how to make this! Love the burlap, it's so pretty :)

This is also a great idea!  Floating candles are alway's  a great choice to your wedding decor!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Part 2

Hello! Today I'm gonna focus on bouquets. This is a must, but instead of the traditional flowers, here are some different unique ones.

Swarovski Crystal Bouquet and Boutonniere

This screams unique, and vintage all at once. This reminds me of Victorian times, with the fans. I love how the colors go together so well, and the rhinestones. Perfect! The brooch also is another wonderful part to this feather bouquet. If you are looking for one of a kind, here it is. To view the shop, please click on link above.


Another wonderful different idea, is a button bouquet. I like this cause it is full of color, and gives buttons and new use. Perfect for a colorful fun wedding. Another one of a kind find. To view the shop, please click on the link above.

Wedding Bouquet  Set  Birch Wood Flowers  - CUSTOM ORDER  for Jennifer -by AccentsandPetals on Etsy

Birch wood bouquet, is perfect for a outdoor wedding. They are very unique, and very pretty. I love how this bouquet pops. You can also find beautiful flowers for your wedding decor at this shop to. Click on the link above to check it out.

As Seen in Real Simple Weddings Custom Designed For You - Pinwheel Wedding Party Set of 4 Pinwheels and 4 Boutonnieres by Rule42

Instead of flowers, why not have your bridesmaids carry pinwheels. This is a great idea, very unique, and fun. Theses were seen in Real Simple weddings, and they are totally customized to your wedding. Click on the link above to find out more about this fun idea.

Deposit and custom information for heirloom jeweled bouquet

To stick with my vintage blog theme. Here is a vintage brooch bouquet. I love this idea. It give old jewelry new life. I love shops that reuse, and help out our enviorment. This would defiantly be a discussion starter, these bouquet's are beautiful beyond words. They are one of a kind to. To find out more, and how to get your own brooch bouquet, click on the link above.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Wedding Time!!!!!!!

Attention all Brides!!!!!!

If you haven't already started planning the details of your wedding. Now is the time to start. I am getting married you my wonderful man of 6 years. I have found Etsy to be very helpful in idea's and stuff for my wedding. You can find everything you need for your wedding on Etsy, from wedding dresses to invites and save-the-dates, to jewelry for you and your bridal party. I love shopping n Etsy for stuff, cause you get the DYI effect, which is what I'm going for, also I have found some very unique items and ideas. Here are some of the thing I have found.

Wedding Itinerary
Party favor tags. I love this idea, a personalized wedding is great idea. Guest just love the personal touch, and customized things. It shows that you took a lot of time and care in planning your wedding, and these party favor tags are a great start. To view the tags, please click on the link above.

Love Personalized Round Wedding Stickers Labels Glossy
Going with the personalized theme. These stickers are great for your invite envelopes, or cut our some card stock and stick these on the card stock. Walla...instant party favor tags. Please click on the link above to view the stickers. 

Love dinosaur couple with sweet gondola (custom order)
Cake toppers! Every wedding cake needs a topper. On Etsy, you can find the perfect one for you. From vintage style ones, to cake toppers custom made for you. I like this one. It's creative, fun, and unique. A conversation starter at the reception. To view the cake topper, click on the link above.

Daisy Jane
Find the dress on Etsy. There are hundreds of dresses, including vintage dresses for your wedding. If you are having a vintage style wedding, like I am. Look on Etsy for your dress in the vintage area, or look at this dress. Make sure you go get measured though, so you know what size to order. Wedding dresses are different sizes then regular street clothes. You can also find your Bridesmaids dresses, as well as flower girl dresses. Please click on link above to view dress.

Ring Bearer Fire Truck in White
I love this. My son is going to be our ring bearer. We bought this fire truck for him to use, instead of the traditional pillow.Plus he can use this after the wedding to. I decided I wanted something he could have as a keepsake, and a toy that he can play with. This was perfect idea. It is beautifully made, and durable to. This is perfect if you want that unique look to your wedding. Please click on the link above to view the fire truck.

Tomorrow I will list five more items that are must haves for your wedding. Have fun looking for your wedding on Etsy in the meantime. Leave comments and tell me what you think. Also an update on my shop. I am working on getting new things up on my shop I hope to be fully up and running again sometime in March.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's all about the accessories

In today's world accessories can make or break any outfit. So it's vital that you have the right stuff. Here is some wonderful finds that I found from Esty. Find the perfect accessories for the holiday's, with alittle help from me :)


 I love sparkle. But to much can be hazardous. However, this neckless is perfect. Add this with your little black dress, and there is no way you can go wrong, and it's all for a perfect price to! Only $9.00. Get it before it's gone! Please click on the link above for more info on this wonderful necklace.


 Perfect for chirstmas and beyond. I love stuff that you can wear for more then just one holiday, or just for an event. These would work great for Christams partys, and even Valentines. But if red is your color, these are for you. I love the color red, it reminds me of passion and love! $29.00, please click on link above for more info.


Wanna make a statement this holiday season. Well here is the braclet for you! Silver cuff, and you can have your own words stamped on the cuff for you. Perfect! I love things that are customized to me. $40.00, please click on the link above the picture for more info on the cuff.


 Just look at the detail. It's wonderful, and very unique! But this on a dress, purse, scarf, whatever you can think or. So many different way's to wear this piece, and I love it when one accessorie can be woren many different ways. $35.00, please click on the link above this picture to find out more.


 What a wonderful way to reduce, and reuse. Made out of soda tabs, this is a great gift, for your go green person in your life. I just love the colors, they pop! $18.00, please click on the link above the picture, and get this before it's gone!


 Picture wear this wonderful necklace, with a little red dress, at your Christmas party. This is so beautiful, I love the detail. This is a must have. $26.00, if you want more info, click on link above.


A bit or sunshine, for the long, cold winter months! Super cute ring, and I love the yellow, it is such a fun, up lifting color. I can help but smile when I see this :) $9.00, please click on the link above for more info.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday season is here again!

So are you looking for some vintage item's for gifts this holiday season. How about some handmade things. Well here is my pick. All item's are listed on Etsy.


This super cool bling ring is only $17.00, and perfect to cure those winter time blues. You can find this wonderful item, by clicking on the link above.

 Look at the color! Make your room pop with this vase. Only $28.00. Click on the link above to view the item, and store.


 A girl has got to love diamonds! But who say's they have to be real? Get that champagne taste on a beer buget. This wonderful brooch is only $35.00. Click on link above to check out the item, and the store.


 Poka dot tea set anyone? Super cute and super fun, and all for a great price to! $28.00 for set. Click the link above to check it out, and to check out the store.


 Yee Haa Cowboy! Check these out. Everyone needs a pair of cowboys boots in there wordrobe. Size 8/8.5 and they are only $23.00. CLick on link above to view more.


 LOVE IT! 1950s black dress. Perfect for hosting holiday events, or even for going to a holiday get together. $380.00, well worth the money. Please click on the link above to find out more.

It's my first time!

Wow, with today's technology, you'd think I would have done this sooner! Well let me just start out my telling you a little bit about my self. I am a mother of two wonderful children, I also work full time. I am the owner of Shelia Rae's unique finds and boutique. I love anything vintage, I also love to make things. I am also a very green person, so I try to renew, reuse, and upcycle. I am starting this blog because I want to share my vintage finds with the world! I am on Etsy alot, I love that website. So many wonderful item's there. If you haven't already checked it out, you really should. While you are there, check out my store. My prices are great, and shipping is at great prices to. Also I would love your feedback, tell me what you think about my shop, what I should inprove on, anything!